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Why Choose Paradigm Party Band?

When planning your Special Event, Corporate Event or Wedding we know there are myriad band options, and choosing the right band can be difficult. So why are so many people choosing Paradigm Party Band and booking us so far in advance? We went through our client reviews to find the answer and several key elements stood out:

If you go to our About and Reviews Page, you will see that these themes are repeated regularly: Professionalism, Attention to Detail, Incredible Stage Vocalists and Musicians and a super High Energy Show.

Paradigm Party Band has become synonymous with an extremely high quality and very entertaining performance that keeps clients and guests dancing all night long. This; however, is just the tip of the iceberg. Clients continually comment on our professionalism and attention to detail as one of the reasons they book us and then rebook us again and again.

In our clients' own words:

"Bottom line about hiring that we received everything we anticipated based on our planning and contract, and more! We put the party in the right hands in all respects.

""Probably even more important (especially for a busy, stressed out Bride) was their attention to detail and level of professionalism during the entire process. They were incredibly responsive, accommodating and flexible."

"I was pleasantly surprised to find them so professional and fun to work with considering the caliber of their musical abilities.Typically talent comes with big ego, but they had to be some of THE most talented, humble group people of people I've met. I will definitely use them again for any event I'm hosting versus a DJ or another live act. They brought the people to the dance floor and they didn't want to leave!"

"They [Paradigm] were fantastic! I think they're the best band we've had energy-wise since I've been here. The audience asked for an encore at every performance! I didn't think the Saturday crowd was going to let them leave! We will definitely be requesting them back in the future. Also, they could not have been any easier to work with. Such a delight!"

In a nutshell - Paradigm Party Band delivers incredible star quality entertainment leveraging the talents of some of the finest vocalists and musicians anywhere. But behind the scenes, as part of Eklectic Entertainment we have a team of highly experienced event professionals who work with out clients every step of the way to ensure their Paradigm Party Band experience will be the best it can be. Our team works with our clients to customize our performances to deliver a thrilling and unforgettable experience. On the day of performance, Paradigm Party Band arrives hours early to ensure the band is fully set up, sound checked and ready to go well in advance of the event. We have received many compliments on our early arrival and setup as this tremendously reduces client stress on the day of the event. Furthermore, we arrive with our own professional audio engineer and high end equipment to deliver the same perfectly mixed sound experience event after event.

We love our clients and we love entertaining - please go to our Contact page to communicate with one of our event professionals to learn more about how Paradigm Party Band can help make your special event, corporate event or wedding that much better!

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